We take pride in the services we are able to offer to our clients. Our extensive range of machinery (both principal and support equipment) means that most stages of production occur in-house and our quality assurance procedures ensure that a quality product is produced every time.

APP is fully equiped to handle all stages of production of Pre-stressing products:

  • Core Production
  • Full microscopic examination
  • Alloy Control
  • Spectographic Analysis
  • Thermal Analysis
  • Nodularity Checks
  • Hardness & Mechanical Testing
  • Heat Treatment
  • Finishing
  • Simulation Technology

Drilling & Gauging of grout hole

We drill and gauge the grout hole of our pre-stressing products in-house meaning that we are able to specifically meet the requirements of our customers

Finishing and Warehousing

Our range of products are packed to suit the customer's requirements for transport in both domestic and international markets.